a plural identity

...is the only identity to have. - Ali Omar Ermes

This will be the best non-specific blog ever created

“It is a rare thing for a man to have his commitment to Islam questioned based on visuality — on whether or not he has a beard or adheres to “proper Islamic dress.” But when a woman doesn’t wear hijab, or (heaven forbid) takes it off after wearing it — people start wondering what’s wrong. How has she gone astray? What else is going on in her life? Is she even Muslim? For surely, it is only the BELIEVING woman who covers her adornments.

And when worn “correctly,” with the “right clothes,” the right amount of hijab pins, and with a generous sprinkling of religiously-intoned-Arabic, hijab can afford women the privilege of authenticity in certain circles. While in others she’s oppressed, exotic, cultural, empowered, liberated, or controversial.

Amazing that the perception of hijab has such a varied spectrum of power over women.”
— How many hijab pins does it take to be pious?

Destoori Competition- “3adal”, justice. Art in progress…. (Taken with Instagram)
Destoori Competition- art in progress. #BlackandYellow. (Taken with Instagram)
Destoori Competition- Hamza, though his art is comedy he came to support fellow artists rxpress their constitutional ambitions. (Taken with Instagram)
Destoori Competition- and among the backgrpund of noisy biker show offs, the discreet Italian revolutionary Vespa seeps into even the most remote inventive environments (Taken with Instagram)
Destoori Competition - Artists beginning to  unleash their inner creative alter egos (Taken with Instagram)
Lawyers for Justice in Libya Director Elham Saudi preparing tables, pens and posters for all attendees and not just the artists, to voice their ambitions too (Taken with Instagram)
Organized by Lawyers for Justice in Libya, The Destoori Campaign gives artists a unique platform onto which they can express in artistic form, their most fundamental rights as citizens (Taken with Instagram)